We manufacture the valve guide from the size range of 1" to 24" for Petrol, diesel engine for almost all size. Valve Guides are grounded to a surface finish of 0.80 Micro Ra on its Outer Diameter and with in a tolerance of 13 Microns. Valve Guides are also provided with thread and spiral in its Inner Diameter to retain oil for long time, which increases the life of both Valve Guide and the Valve.

              The Valve Guide manufactured by us has microstructure of Pearlitic matrix with 5% maximum free ferrite 5% maximum free carbides and 10% maximum steadite in cellular or discontinuous form and Valve Guide has Hardness of 210-260 BHNRANGE of valve guides. Moreover we select the raw material of the valve guides on the basis of its final application. Tin Bronze ( North American UNS C90500, German CuSn10Zn, British G1) is used for piston airplane engines. Aluminum bronze (North American UNS C95400, German CuAI10Fe, British AB1) is used for high temperature applications. while Aluminum Silicon Manganese Bronze are usedfor High Speed Engines. Other alloys such as manganese bronze and leaded phosphor bronze have been used sporadically. Graded Cast Iron of 25 & 30 Grade. This Cast Iron is specially made for High Racing Engine.